What a BCDS clubrun is all about

If the sudden arrival of Summer or you've been inspired back onto a bike following the Bristol GP or the SKYride's taking place in  the city then perhaps your next step would be to come out with our club? Darren McKimm wrote this recent report into what a BCDS club run is all about

This was the first club run for a few weeks and a new location (Blaise Castle in Henbury) was chosen as the best start point for a 40-mile round-trip jaunt to Berkeley and back.

Not having factored in the road closures for a triathlon event in the city meant that the 9am meet time had to be extended somewhat, but it was a fine day for it and eight club members turned out, including Tim and Andy who we hadn't seen for a while - so it was very nice to have their company.

And there should be a special mention for Tim, who revealed that he's recently completed a 14-day solo, unsupported, JOGLE (John O'Groats to Land's End) effort - sounds like it was tough at times with the rain cape an almost-permanent fixture, but clearly a phenomenal effort that puts my measly pampered jaunt to Edinburgh in the shade! Chapeau Tim.

The gang of eight set off just before 0930 and a decent, steady pace of around 15mph was established from the outset and pretty much maintained all the way to the cafe stop at Berkeley.

The roads were very quiet, the road surface was by and large very good, and there was hardly any wind to speak of - so perfect conditions really - and midway there the effort required to climb Old Down Hill was offset by the steep and very fast descent that followed soon after.

Before we knew it we were in Berkeley and rolling into the previously-undiscovered Berkeley Tea Rooms for coffee and cake (or in Tim's case, a bacon sarnie!). There was the odd senior moment with people commandeering each other's drinks and the unexplained appearance of a second (unclaimed) bacon butty, but all agreed it was a fine place to stop and refuel. And my slice of lemon cake was ENORMOUS!

The return leg was via a (largely) different route, but equally quiet and pleasant and, once again, a very steady and respectable pace was maintained by all.

There were a couple more hills on the way back than on the way out but nothing that anyone couldn't cope with, and the highlight was possibly Jeff's impressive attack on the climb out of Thornbury - impressive, that is, until he blew up and was heard to gasp "I thought it was only about 50 metres!"

Young Oli left us at Almondsbury to make his way home, and the remainder of the group arrived back at Blaise at around 12.30pm. Special mention should go to youngsters Oli, Ben, and Matt who rode immaculately and managed the ride without the slightest problem (though Ben didn't seem to like the way his dad rode away up the hills - don't worry Ben, that won't last much longer!).

And for anyone who's interested, here are a few stats to mull over (inc. my 2-mile each way ride to the start, hence 44 miles):

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