Member get Member incentive

The club have recently launched our new incentive to recruit more members using the best marketing tool out there, other members. Club Development officer Dan Coast explains how the scheme will work and the benefits on offer to our members who help to increase our membership.
The new membership incentive will officially launch on the 13th of December when existing members attending our track session will be handed BCDS business cards, these cards give a brief outline about the club and by using links & QR codes drive people to the clubs online sites and into membership. 
By giving each of our members at least 10 of these cards and relying on the personal recommendations of our existing members were confident that this will help increase the number of members in the club. 
To help track which member is doing the most to help us recruit new members the cards contain a small space where members are encouraged to either add there name or British Cycling membership number so we can track where new members are coming from.

Add your name or membership number in the white box before handing out to potential new members

When a new member joins the club they will be asked to enter the number or members name on the online form in order to enter the member into a quarterly draw. The prize will change each time with our first draw being a free BCDS racing shirt.
At the end of the year we will see who has recruited the most members and they will win free Individual/ family membership for the year including another FREE BCDS shirt or pair of Shorts.

More information on how to use the cards and key messages to give to potential members will follow in the members joining pack which will be emailed out to renewed members over Christmas.

So members, get yourself into the draw and help the club to grow, spread the word with your local bike shop to see if they will promote the cards for you, pass them onto your work colleagues who are getting into cycling or your friends at school and together lets get Bristol's cyclists riding with BCDS!

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