Matty gives BCDS the thumbs up

Young member Mateusz reflects on his first year with the club and how he's come on over the last year, enjoying his cycling and definitely feeling part of the club. Glad to have you with us and please to hear you're enjoying the club and sport so much.

BCDS is one of those cycling clubs that make you feel comfortable and cared for when competing. Members give you good advice about what kind of moves you should take when racing, and don't make you feel bad when you've come out in a lower place. There is also no pressure for winning.

The first session I attended, I was wearing jeans and a hoodie, I was also riding a Peugeot that was thirty years old. But now I'm wearing lycra clothing made by Kalas Sports Wear, riding a modern bike and racing at events that seemed impossible when I first joined.

The sessions I attend are sometimes based at Aztec West business park (skills, as well as strength building), Long Ashton (for turbo training in the winter) and Ashton Court (club run sessions, basically a relaxed ride). Adult members such as Jeff, Darren, Martin, and Dan all encourage people to ride and become good and experienced (Dan, more so racing). The benefits that I have gained have been knowledge about racing, skills and physical, as well as mental strength. Every member is pleasant, positive and welcoming. Training members such as Dan, Martin and Darren are all people intelligent about the sport and know what they are talking about. When out on club rides the adults are experienced and I, without doubt, feel secure and safe around them.

When I think about myself, I'm a competitive cyclist who has had a large amount of support from the club and who has enjoyed every training session with BCDS members. I'm sure that if you're interested, and attracted to the idea of a potential competitor in the superb sport of cycling, BCDS is a great opportunity.

Mateusz Rydlewski


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