Sunday Morning Club Runs

Our club runs cater for all ages and abilities. To enable the youngest of our members to take part we occasionally arrange family rides so that parents can ride as well. These are generally based on circuits ( 5 - 10 miles in length) using quiet country lanes with few, if any, hills.The more traditional Sunday rides vary in length and degree of difficulty, but normally cover a distance of 40 - 70 miles, and are run at an average speed of between 15/17mph.The club operates the following Code of Conduct for our club runs:

Code of Conduct:
  1. Riders to be no more than two abreast on all roads riding and approximately no more than 2 feet/ 0.6m from the rider alongside you.
  2. Riders should move into single file when travelling along busy or A class roads, and sections of road where there are double white lines.
  3. Riders should identify and give warning to other riders of any obstacles such as potholes or parked cars by using the appropriate hand signals.
  4. Hand signals or calls should be used to advise the rest of the group when the ride is making a turn at a junction/ stopping or slowing down. Verbal warning should also be given when cars are approaching the group from the front or behind. (This is particularly important on narrow country lanes).
  5. Verbal warning should be given to riders when approaching horse riders. In addition, the speed of approach reduced and a wide berth given.
  6. The ride will be at the pace of the slowest but should normally be at around 16-18 mph. Nobody should ever be left behind.From time to time, such as on hills, the ride will fragment a little. 
  7. Riders should ride at their own pace on hills but wait to re-group at the nearest and safe opportunity (if possible at a point where everyone can pull-in off the road), before continuing on the ride.
For information on the forthcoming club runs please visit the Calendar section.
Contact Jeff if you would like more information on our rides