BCDS Cycling Kit- Supplied by Kalas


BCDS kit is produced by Kalas and orders can be made on roughly a bi-monthly basis via our Kalas webshop. The code needed to access the webshop will be emailed out in members news.

Produced by Kalas we have a wide range of items available to order during the ordering period which runs for 2-3 weeks.
Once the order window is closed the kit will be produced and the club will take delivery upto 6 weeks later when it will then be posted directly to members.
In addition to this we hold a number of additional stock items which can bought online directly from the club.
Check the items below and add them to the cart to make an order. Haven't got a paypal account? no worries, you can check out with a normal credit card. The cost of each item includes P&P sent by recorded delivery.
If you're looking for a bargain click the link at the bottom to go through to our clearance items.


Current Stock - November 2016.

JUST ARRIVED in time for Winter- BCDS Head Tube.

BCDS Head Tube

This awesome multi function piece of headwear is an essential piece of kit that has so many different applications. It's a cycling scarf, a hat,, headband, hood and many more uses.
Get yours today.

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Our classic black bibbed shorts with the BCDS logo down the side come with braces to help secure the shorts whilst you enjoy your ride without cutting into your midriff. A top quality chamois pad makes the ride comfortable throughout. Choose either Women's or men's.
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Rain & Wind- A great garment that actually repels the wind, water and mud so keeping you dry on a ride and easier to clean after. This sleeveless garment rolls up small so perfect to fit into your pockets on rides at all times of the year.
Winter- Ideal as the weather changes, these sleeveless winter jackets are ideal to take off the edge on morning rides and with 3 full pockets including a Waterproof pocket for your phone are a great additional bit of clothing.
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Long Sleeved Winter Jackets
A must for all members, show everyone that you are part of the best club in the area, Comes with 3 rear pockets and full length zip. Great to wear both on & off the bike.

Skin Suits
In the pursuit of going as fast as you possibly can then there is one essential item you need, and that is one of these aerodynamic aids that will see your times tumble. And as it's a pair of shorts & shirt combined it works out even cheaper!

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