Thank you Steve

A personal thanks to steve from a family.....

I remember meeting Darren, Jeff, Martin and Steve back in December 2014 when Ollie first got involved with BCDS and each of them quickly became friends and valued coaches helping us to make rapid and safe progress in road cycling. 

Steve Marshall used to call out a programme of pain during turbo training evenings, and I enjoyed his wicked nature as he encouraged or humorously bullied the kids into working at their utmost capacity Ė being a teacher I was envious of his approach and respected his authority. It was this remarkably selfless man who introduced Ollie to the track and supported his coaching along with Newports very own Brian Pilot. 

From nervous beginnings to where Ollie is now, is a testament to the dedication that Steve and the BCDS coaches have shown; in 2015 Oliver took his track accreditation and without asking, Steve Marshall was there to encourage and guide the youngsters. I donít think that anyone else would have shown the patience that Steve did, to get Ollie to ride rollers after a year of trying. 

Further to this - Ollie has set 5 national track records under his guidance and I have enjoyed riding with Steve as he coached Ash on his trike around Aztec West. It was also Steve who got my youngest into cycling by gently coaxing him to do track stands and ride one legged around the car park at Aztec and soon after taking him for his first ride on a fixed gear bike around the centre area of the Velodrome. I am delighted he has been given recognition by British Cycling and the incredible support and time Steve and his wife Dianne have given to young people has inspired me to try and give something back to the support also. Everyone who gets to know him will quickly realise that he always looks for the best in everyone and is motivated in helping young people to enjoy cycling and better their long term health. The whole of BCDS, Newport Velo, Disability Sport Wales, British Cycling and us are very much enriched by the wisdom and dedication of this wonderful man.


Phil Thomas