Information for local residents

Thank you for your interest in our race, these FAQ will hopefully provide you with the answers you're after along with relevant links to find out more.

What is the event?
The Screentek international Junior Tour of the Mendips is a 2 day Cycle race which forms part of the season long British Cycling Junior series (16-18year olds). Our race is a 2 day stage race, similar to that of a mini Tour de France. There will be 80 cyclists, and around 15 race vehicles involved in the event.

Will the roads be closed?
The race will operate using a "rolling road closure” this means the roads will remain open until the race is about to pass through. Motorcycle outriders and accredited marshals may use their legal powers to temporarily halt traffic for up to 5mins as the race passes through. Unlike a sportive where there is a constant steady stream of riders the race will be predominantly together and should pass through in a maximum of 3 to 4 groups, allowing delays to be kept to a minimum.

Is this event legal, are the Police aware?
Yes the cycle race takes place under the rules of our governing body British Cycling and racing has to take place within the rules laid out in the "Cycling on the Highways” section of the 1960 Road traffic act. Local authorities and Avon & Somerset Police have been informed of the race 6 months ago and permission was granted for the event to take place.

Will I be forced to stop if using the road at the same time as the race?
Our team of trained and police accredited Motorcycle National Escort Group riders along with our static accredited Marshals have the legal power to stop traffic. Road users who fail to stop will be reported to the Police who may decide to take further action. These measures are put in place not to annoy people but to make cycle racing as safe as possible, not just for these young cyclists but also other road users, if instructed to stop please do so in order for us to keep everyone safe.

Which Roads will be used for the race and when will these rolling road closures likely to take place?
A route map can be found within the Race Manual found here, the timings of the race are only estimates as it will depend on a number of factors since it as a race the weather can play a huge part in this. The overall average speed of the riders will be between 20-25mph which will help as a guide. Please remember we will be operating a rolling road closure so if you do encounter the race and are delayed it should be for no longer than 5mins.

Why is the race taking part in my area?
The race is being promoted by Bristol Cycling Development Squad, a club dedicated to helping and developing young people get into the sport. We wanted to run the race in the area for a number of reasons. Firstly the terrain is ideally suited to this race & helps provide a good foundation to the development of young riders who dream of being the next Bradley Wiggins. To this extent over the last 6 years riders who have taken part in the race have gone on to represent Great Britain at international & world champion events, just last month a former rider of the race went on to become World Champion in the Olympic park in London. Were also expecting a number of our riders to compete for Great Britain at the Tokyo Olympics. British Cycling sees this event as an important development step for the future champions of the sport due to the terrain offered by the Mendips.The event has also helped promote the area to the rest of the UK as the race will be covered by national cycling media. The race also helps bring in money to the area with teams staying over for 2-3 days for the race in local accommodation. The friendly warm welcome extended to the riders has resulted in a number of teams returning to the area later in the year for training camps and further helping to promote the area as an ideal location for cyclists to visit and stay in. Were always looking to improve the event and reduce impact to local 
residents.If you are aware of any incidents that happen before or during the event that have caused a problem to you because of the race please complete this online form for us to investigate further.