Feature: Night Rider sessions continue to grow in popularity

The Summer nights are coming to an end but the numbers continue to grow on our weekly Night Rider sessions at Aztec West.

The sessions have now ran non stop for just over a year now with only a handful of cancellations due to extreme weather, though recently we've seen some of our biggest turn outs over the last few weeks as the nights are starting to draw in.
Recently over 20 riders per week have taken part in the hour and a bit session on the very quiet roads in the Aztec West business park so we felt like this was a good opportunity to highlight the purpose and sort of things/ who the sessions are open to.

The riders assemble in one of the quiet car parks located at the far end of the business park at around 6.30pm aiming to depart at 6.45pm, in this time riders appear from every direction, some in cars straight from work still in work wear whilst a good number of our members arrive on bike already lit up and ready to depart.
The ride leader hands out a few instructions and reminders to everyone to hep ease new riders into the format of the night which usually resembles a 20min warm up consisting of low gears but high cadence work, gradually lifting the pace in this time before going onto acceleration efforts. Riders can drop in and out of the group at any point and its a great facility at 1 mile in length it's not long after dropping out the group that they are back around, giving you the chance to catch your breath and then jump back in for another stint.
At this point the group has normally split into several smaller groups of equal ability. The clubs leaders try to ensure that each group is looked after and encouraged to ride as a group, working on bunch skills and sharing the pace setting. The faster group are now really working up a pace and made up of both adults and the clubs Academy riders keen to get a good workout.
We've also seen a really good number of Para-Cyclists join the ride including 2 National Youth champions, a growing number of women and a lot of new potential members, all of which is fantastic to see.

An hour and a bit later the ride is onto its cool down phase before returning to the carpark for a quick, debrief, chat about the latest cycling gossip and what the weekend has in store for members before riders pack away and head home.

It's a great experience and a good opportunity to see the club in action, meet new friends and gain confidence in cycling on the road in a group in a nice quiet environment.

To take part you'll need a bike with 2 working brakes, cycle helmet and front & rear lights.

So why not join us for a "ride on the dark side"

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