2016 Result and Report

Morgan Curle took the title at todayís Raj Soni Hill Climb Challenge held in memory of our former young rider smashing the previous best time up Burrington combe previously held by Matt Cox.

13 Riders took on the challenge of the 2 stage hill climb in cold and damp conditions on 2 of the main climbs used at the Junior Tour of the Mendips. Morgan, who moves into the junior ranks in 2017 was using the event to get a feel for the climbs ahead of the race scheduled for the spring.

The riderís first challenge was the short but steep climb out of the Village of Blagdon rising to 20% in places its tough gradient suiting the punchier style of rider. The short route would take riders around 8 mins to complete but itís one of those climbs that would take you into the red on its 2 kicker sections with a flatter mid-section itís important to recover quickly and then use the gears to push on.

Theo Russell was first rider off and completed the climb in a very creditable 6:13, before quickly returning to collect his computer which fell off half way up the climb.

Theo wasnít the only rider to suffer a problem on the climb with Laura dropping the chain on the flat section causing her to loose time.

By the top of the climb all the riders effort they had put in was clear to see, you could hear them breathing hard long before they crossed the summit with red checks puffing out at the top.

The riders then wrapped up and headed back to the bottom of the café in the bottom of Burrington Combe (Burrington Inn) for refreshments and for us to sort out Stage 1ís result.

The result of which saw Morgan record 5:34 with Theo in second place 39 seconds back and Charlie Kelly a further 29 seconds adrift.

Onto Stage 2 and the riders would line up in reverse order from stage 1ís result

At just 10 years Old Jude Munday would lead the second stage off with a reduced field as Rob Finlay, who was forced to retire after only recently getting over a cold.

The second stage would see the riders tackle the longer but shallower climb of Burrington, starting from the Rock of Ages all the way out of the combe and across the exposed top, which was at least offering some wind assistance to the riders in the final section of the climb.

This could favour a different type of climber and with small time gaps between riders placed mid table from stage 1 all would be looking to go hard to maintain position.

The handicapping system meant that by the finish line a number of riders were crossing close together and encouraged riders to work hard to chase the rider ahead.

With all the riders in and Morgan sat on the tail of Theo by the line it was clear he had done enough to take the title. The riders then returned to the Burrington Inn as a downpour began and we headed for shelter to tidy up the results which remained the same from stage 1 with Morgan taking the win, Theo in 2nd and Charlie Kelly third.

It was great to see such a great ride from everyone with special mentions to Laura ads the only girl to take on the boys, Mateusz who at only 13 years old was just over 1:30 behind Morgan overall and to Mike Munday, the only rider not to be put off by our super-fast young climbers.

The event raised over £60 for Rajís Legacy trust which will be topped up by club funds to £100 which will be donated in the coming weeks.


Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations to Morgan the 2016 King of the Mendips.

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