Night Rider Chain Gang

Image: @DylanCordukes

BCDS invite members to join us for an evenings chain gang ride around the road network of Aztec West on Wednesday Evenings . The rides aim to offer members the opportunity to continue to build up the miles and pace efforts as part of an organised group.

What is a Chaingang?
A Chaingang is a Peleton of riders working together to share the work of pace setting of the group. If the group is large enough there will be 2 parallel lines with one line moving faster than the other. Once the leading rider of the fast line comes to the front and past the leading rider of the slower line, they will move onto the front of the slower line allowing the next rider to come to the front. This process is continued and within a very short space of time the origional leading rider will now be at the back of the slower line. They then move onto the back of the fast line floowing the wheel in front to eventually move back to the front of the group, as such each rider mimicks a link in the chain.
The pace of the ride is increased very gradually with each turn at the front and inevitably the chain will "snap", riders will then form smaller groups & shorter chains to continue the exercise.

Who can take part?
Anyone in the club is welcome to join us for the ride of any ability. The route will take in laps of the Aztec West Road network which is 1 mile per lap with a gentle rise each lap. Riders who are dropped from the group are recommended to continue to ride taking it easy and prepare to rejoin the group once caught. Please note this is NOT A COACHED SESSION.

What will I need?
You will need a bike in Roadworthy condition, Remember the ride will take place at night on the Highway & therefore your bike must comply with the Highway code as follows:
  • Bikes must have both front & rear fitted lights if light is failing.
  • A rear reflector
Further information & rules can be found here

It is recommended that riders have 2 sets of lights should one fail during the ride along with High Visibility "wraps" on ankles and wrists.
Mudguards are also recommended to reduce the lack of visibility caused by spray from a bunch.

Where & When do rides take place?
The first ride will take place on Wednesday the 25th of March and will continue every week until Christmas. Rides may be cancelled on safety grounds if weather warnings are issued in the area for the following:
  • Thunderstorms
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Gales
Cancelled rides will be posted on our Social media
The rides will start at 6:45pm and will conclude by 8:15pm,
930 Hempton Court
Aztec West, Almondsbury
Bristol, South Gloucestershire BS32 4SR